Got shareholders? It’s time to get s’more from your transfer agent.

No two shareholders are the same, which is why your transfer agent should be doing more for you than just managing your shareholder registry.

Navigating the ever-changing and challenging complexities inherent with managing shareholders – that’s just the start of your to-do list. What if you could receive guidance on popular corporate governance matters that also interest your shareholders such as ESG, activism preparedness, board diversity and more – all from your transfer agent partner?

The reality is, managing multiple vendors to help you perform your daily duties of share registry, corporate governance, entity management, and isn’t ideal. Besides, procurement can be a headache. Especially when you have one vendor for transfer agent and a dozen other vendors for entity management, proxy, annual meetings, board governance related matters and so on. There's a better way.

Get s’more from your transfer agent. Maybe it's time you considered how Computershare can position you for success.

Experience the difference and what it’s like to get more:

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Computershare can position you for sweet success.
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