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At Computershare, we know even small steps make an impact. We promote minimal use of paper through maximum use of electronic/automated processes and are proud to do our part to reduce our impact on the environment. Our solutions enable companies and shareholders to do the same. With one click, you have the power to make a difference. Log in to your account and sign up today!
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How you benefit:
> Enjoy quicker access to your information
> Receive e-mail notifications when your documents are available
> View your reports online anytime
> Lower mailing and printing costs for the company you work for or invest in
> Help the environment: save paper and reduce waste!

What's your impact on the environment?
How many paper bills and statements do you receive each month?
How many paper payments do you make each month?

At Computershare, we are committed to ensuring we act in an environmentally responsible manner and that we continue to progress in this area through our global business operations and activities. We are dedicated to producing a range of initiatives that measure our ecological footprint and provide meaningful strategies for reducing or offsetting our energy consumption, water and paper use, waste disposal and air travel. For more information about our Environmental Policy click here.